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Note: Graphic content ahead.

We shall never be rough and heartless when it is not necessary, that is clear. We Germans, who are the only people in the world who have a decent attitude towards animals, will also assume a decent attitude towards these human animals.

– Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler

I have ordered a complete siege on the Gaza Strip. There will be no electricity, no food, no fuel, everything is closed. We are fighting human animals and we act accordingly.

– Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant

A common way to refer to Islamic State is ‘Islamic State organization,’ abbreviated as IS. I am firmly convinced that a similar convention and level of animosity is appropriate for the fascist Zionist project, or Jewish State organization (JS). I have studied IS for almost two years. The degree and scale of religious fanaticism among its adherents needs no introduction. I have seen every single IS hallmark in JS. This project’s clerico-fascist character was clear to any honest observer, but the Gaza Genocide has brought it into international spotlight, most notably at the International Court of Justice. It has been present from the beginning of this onslaught, with Netanyahu’s invocation of the Biblical command to exterminate Amalek, which has been gleefully obeyed and repeated by JS terrorists on the ground. Palestinian journalist Younis Tirawi has documented countless cases of Jewish religious fascism posted by JS fighters on social media.1   

It would take an encyclopedia to go over every parallel between IS and JS, so I will focus on only some cases that especially disturb me, most recent of which is the Al-Shifa Hospital Massacre.2 One survivor reports:

On the night of the invasion, there were two street vendors who always sat at the entrance of al-Shifa,” the survivor told Mondoweiss. “One of them sold water, and the other sold canned foods. When the invasion happened, the two merchants revealed themselves to be soldiers. They took out handguns and entered the hospital with other soldiers, and they directed them where to go. They had been there for a long time and knew where everything was. [emphasis mine]

In early 2012, IS (then called IS of Iraq) staged a major nighttime raid in Haditha, during which fighters murdered over two dozen Iraqi police officers and two major counter-terror leaders.3 They filmed this raid and released the edited footage as Salil al-Sawarim 2 (Clanging of the Swords 2). What is clear from the film is that this raid would have been impossible had IS not deeply infiltrated the Haditha police. In addition to using Iraqi special forces uniforms, vehicles, equipment, and weapons, the fighters had extensive knowledge about police numbers, patrol patterns, personal homes, and even hideouts. What is also clear is the participation of still-unidentified sleeper agents during the raid. The resemblance to the Al-Shifa attack goes without saying. However, one key difference was the target and scale of bloodshed. Mondoweiss reports that at least 1,500 people were murdered, wounded, or reported missing at Al-Shifa. To dispose of bodies, JS fighters resorted to bulldozers:

The army then brought out a huge number of men from the group of suspected Hamas and PIJ members and employees, gathering them in the center of the courtyard. It then proceeded to execute them, one after the other. When the slaughter was done, army bulldozers piled up their corpses in the dozens, dragging them through the sand and burying them. [emphasis mine]

For a comparable IS attack, we must turn to the Camp Speicher Massacre, in which at least 1,700 surrendered Iraqi cadets were murdered, again on film–the footage is amongst the most disturbing that I have ever seen. Below are images from the Massacre, which speak for themselves.

Here is another case. On 13 March, 2024, Younis Tirawi published a video posted by a JS air force fighter, revealing a classified operation during December 2023. The footage is extremely unsettling.4 These are perhaps the most striking lines:

It is worth noting that IS explicitly framed the Camp Speicher Massacre within the context of Ramadan. Here are the opening lines to the footage: ‘In this noble month, the month of Ramadan, Allah supported His monotheist slaves in Saladin Province against the grandsons of the spiteful Majus [Shia]. The mujahidin massacred them. The fortifications of the Rafidah [Shia] did not benefit them, for they began to collapse, by Allah’s grace, in the face of the mujahidin’s attacks.’ As a side note, later in the footage, IS spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani announces: ‘We will not stop the fight until we call the adhan and establish the prayer in Rome, conquering it, if Allah wills. It is Allah’s promise! Allah does not break His promise!’ Likewise, JS fighters have been seen wearing Third Temple patches and boasting that they will destroy Al-Aqsa Mosque to build the Third Temple. Many of these fighters are Americans, roughly 23,000 in all–this contagion will soon return to the US.5

Perhaps one of the most disturbing parallels between IS and JS is that both organizations run their own snuff film channels. IS became world-infamous for its highly gory, violent media releases, which it celebrates and which normal society condemns. In December, Haaretz revealed that the IDF psyops division controlled a Telegram channel, called ‘72 Virgins – Uncensored,’ referring to the racist trope that Muslims ‘receive’ 72 virgins upon death.6 This channel regularly published extremely violent and genocidally racist content, celebrating the murder of Palestinians and the destruction of Gaza. Here is a sample of the content:7

‘72 Virgins’ was shut down only after the Haaretz exposé.8 However, there are several other channels like this, all with several hundred thousand subscribers, forming a large portion of JS society.9 Recall that over 90% of ‘Israelis’ believe that the JS is using enough or too little (!!) force in Gaza. This entire society is operating on IS-style fanaticism.

Despite the immense similarities between IS and JS, what distinguishes JS is that it has the full economic, diplomatic, and military backing of the entire West. Further, it has the complete approval and support of every major Jewish institution, which have tirelessly worked to facilitate this genocide. Even more troubling, JS enjoys grassroots Jewish support far exceeding grassroots Muslim support of IS at its height. At no point did IS have the backing that JS has had throughout its assault on Gaza. Likewise, at no point have Jewish communities had to answer for their support for this assault. In contrast, the post-9/11 surveillance state was justified by racist fearmongering about Western Muslims, who, however conservative, have never shown the scale of support for Salafi-Jihadism that Jews do for Zionism. Within the Muslim world, only the ultra-hardline institutions and citizens of the Gulf Arab states–whom no one would describe as ‘normal’ societies–expressed such support for Salafi-Jihadism. Many often decry Christian Zionism, but for some reason, these same voices rarely mention Jewish Zionism, even though it is one of the most obvious facts about this entire crisis and the processes preceding it. For these reasons, Jewish anti-Zionists are obligated to confront this fascist barbarism within their communities.

-Rob Ashlar

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