Nasserism and the Egyptian Revolution of 1952

Date: 2024-05-27T08:00:15+00:00


Rudy, Andrew and Eric sit down to discuss Egypt from its origins as an independent polity under Mehmed Ali up to the Sadat years, with a focus on the Nasserist revolutionary period. We discuss the origins and aims of the 1952 coup and revolution, the relationship between communists and Nasser(ism), the three periods of Nasserism, the national and international character of the government periods, the (lack of) institutionalization of Arab Socialism and the Arab Socialist Union, the unraveling of Arab Socialism under Sadat and much more!

A. Abdel-Malek – Egypt: Military society: The Army Regime, the Left, and Social Change under Nasser
S. Aburish – Nasser: The Last Arab: A Biography
K. J. Beattie – Egypt During the Sadat Years
M. Hussein – Class Conflict in Egypt: 1945-1970
E. Kienle – Egypt: A Fragile Power

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