How penis enlargement cream work

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BronDevil Développe Sex  and Maxi Penis ™ were premium formulations launched after dedicated research by LABO INTEX-TONIC French pharmaceuticals for the sole purpose of enlarging penis and enhancing sexual pleasure. With the herbal based extracts from Lodoicea, ginseng and patented chemical formula, the enhancement cream would boost natural testosterone release and stimulation of stem cell division in the corpus cavernosum. By regenerating growth in the sponge tissue, users would be experiencing puberty growth with massively enlargement in their penis, and benefit from the lasting effects after two complete set of treatments. Other than cellular and tissue growth, vasodilation during relaxed state and erect state were also observed by 84% of participating individuals, stating an improved general erectile function, hardness and sexual pleasure.

Statistics from our clinical trials show that 93.7% of the individuals taking penis development cream had a statistically enlarged penis (p-value > 0.01) Développe Sex could add 4.72cm on average to the length of the penis and Maxi Penis could add 2.69cm on average to the circumference of the penis (growth under 1 cm for two course treatments were deemed as unresponsive and excluded from the statistics) . 

93 and 96 male individuals with age ranging from 18 to 49 were recruited to the program through standard clinical trials and given guidance for measuring penis length and girth