Confidence boosted - Weekly Worker

Date: unknown



Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

You may recall that last week I was a little pessimistic about making our £2,250 monthly fighting fund target, because, with exactly half of June gone, we only had £744 in the kitty. But this week my confidence has been greatly boosted by the fact that no less than £850 came our way over the last seven days!

Heading the list in terms of generosity was comrade GB, who donated £85 by bank transfer and then, a couple of days later, topped it up with a further £50! Then, of course, there are those three-figure standing orders that always come our way this time of the month - thank you, comrades SK, KB and PM. On top of that there were also standing orders from MM (£75), TR (£40), JM (£30), DR (£20) and SS (£15). Finally there was that old favourite, comrade Hassan, who handed his usual tenner to one of our comrades.

All that means that our running total now stands at £1,594. In other words, we still need £656 in the last week of the month. Please do your bit and make sure we get over the line! Please click on the PayPal button on the Weekly Worker website or - better still - make a bank transfer to ‘Weekly Worker’ (account 00744310; sort code 30-99-64).

With your help we can do it!

Robbie Rix