Right back up! - Weekly Worker

Date: unknown

Location: weeklyworker.co.uk


Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

I’m afraid to say that the last seven days have not been very productive from the point of view of the Weekly Worker’s fighting fund. Just £254 came our way, when the monthly target is £2,250, which takes our running total for March up to just £759.

True, the second week of each month is always the least positive, mainly because that’s the time when standing orders are very few and far between. But, with half the month now gone, we’re almost £400 short of where we ought to be.

That’s taking nothing away from this week’s donors, of course. Top of the list was comrade PB, with her fantastic £70, while both RL and US comrade PM both contributed their usual £50 via PayPal. Then there was the standing order of £20 from GS - an amount that comrade MB also donated by adding it to his annual subscription. There were three other standing orders/bank transfers - from AS (£12), CC (£10) and JL (£7), while a third PayPal donor was MZ (£10) and comrade Hassan came up with his usual £5.

This time next week, though, I’m hoping to be a bit more positive, because we’re now approaching the time of the month when the biggest standing orders start to come in. But they won’t be enough on their own to put us back on target - for that we need quite a few other readers to chip in too.

So please help us out if you can. Send us a cheque or go to weeklyworker.co.uk/worker/donate, where you can make a donation via PayPal or debit/credit card - or else make a bank transfer to ‘Weekly Worker’ (sort code 30-99-64, account number 00744310).

Let’s see if we can climb right back up the ladder!

Robbie Rix