Rally to the cause! - Weekly Worker

Date: unknown

Location: weeklyworker.co.uk


Unfortunately, my appeal last week for some immediate donations to the Weekly Worker fighting fund seems to have fallen on deaf ears. My logic was that the second week of the month is always the worst in terms of incoming cash, mainly because that’s when we have the fewest standing orders.

And September has been no exception - we received just £290 over the last seven days towards our £2,250 target, taking the running total up to a rather meagre £685 after (as I write) 13 days. In other words, with just short of half the month gone, we’re not even a third of the way there!

That’s not to say that the contributions we did receive aren’t appreciated - of course they are! Thanks go to those regular PayPal donors RL and US comrade PM, who both came up with their usual £50, as well as the eight comrades who did contribute via standing order or bank transfer. They are: BD (£35), NH (£30), GD, DV and SB (£25 each), plus AM, LG and CC (£10 each). Finally comrade LM donated her usual £20 note.

But the question now is: will we be able to make up for lost ground or was August a one-off, in that we reached the target after three successive failures? Let’s hope not - that would be disastrous for the only paper that fights for a single, democratic Marxist party which alone can unite the working class in the struggle to put an end to this rotten capitalist system and begin the transition to classless, stateless communism.

True, the next 10 days is when we get that usual batch of three-figure standing orders, but, on its own, that won’t be enough to make up for lost ground. We need you, our readers and supporters, to rally to the cause! Please help us out.