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Was anyone “WOKE” for one of the biggest cons in US HISTORY? When does the madness end??

(Akiit.com) On July,12, 2020 Churchill Capital LLC announced plans to merge with (Polaris holding a.k.a) MultiPlan in a M&A valued at $11 billion USD. On October 07, 2020 Churchill Capital LLC shareholders approve the merger with MultiPlan shareholders and the deal was finalized. On November 07, 2020 short selling firm Muddy Waters posted an independent report about the MultiPlan and Churchill... [Read more of this review]

President Joe Biden’s Big Lie.

(Akiit.com) Did you know that Black people are not going to be allowed to vote in America anymore? At least in states controlled by Republicans. Sounds a bit unlikely, but that’s a conclusion you might have come to if you took seriously what President Joe Biden said in Philadelphia on Tuesday. Biden decried Republicans’ proposed changes in election laws as “the 21st century Jim Crow... [Read more of this review]

Americans; The Road To Recovery Has Potholes.

(Akiit.com) There is lots of great news in the June Employment Situation report (https://www.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.nr0.htm). Eight hundred and fifty thousand jobs were created! And while the unemployment rate remained essentially unchanged at 5.9 percent, the labor market is showing signs of life. The Biden-Harris administration doesn’t mind crowing about it, either, noting that the three million... [Read more of this review]

Is Tennis Pro Naomi Osaka Brave or a Publicity Hog?

(Akiit.com) Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka is the world’s best-paid female athlete. She made an estimated $60 million last year. The 23-year-old is on top of the tennis world, but is her refusal to honor the rules set by that world justified? Osaka recently declined to attend a post-game news conference as required by the French Open. She said it would be bad for her mental health and paid a mandatory... [Read more of this review]

Ole Big Business Loves Big Government!

(Akiit.com) Politicians say they pass laws to “protect Americans from big business.” People like hearing that. Many don’t like big business. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that those laws often help big business while hurting consumers. “Big business and big government are not enemies like a lot of people think they are,” says American Enterprise Institute... [Read more of this review]

The Costs of Joe Biden’s Big Government.

(Akiit.com) It is one of the unfortunate ironies coming out of the Biden administration that, with all the obsession about so-called equity, the policies they are putting forth will only hurt the very low-income Americans they pretend to want to help. The Biden administration is growing government at a record pace. If what they want is opportunity for every American, government policy should aim to... [Read more of this review]

2 Ways To Stay Stylish And Warm.

(Akiit.com) As the summer season is upon the northern hemisphere, you may think that no outerwear is required at this time of year. Consider, however, the changing temperature based on where you live, your elevation, work environment, and travel plans. It is always wise to plan for extra warmth, coverage, and versatile fashion choices. Capes A cape can make quite a statement depending on how you choose... [Read more of this review]

The Road To Economic Recovery Has Potholes – Pace Faster For Whites Than For African-Americans.

(Akiit.com) There is lots of great news in the June Employment Situation report. Eight hundred and fifty thousand jobs were created! And while the unemployment rate remained essentially unchanged at 5.9 percent, the labor market is showing signs of life. The Biden-Harris administration doesn’t mind crowing about it, either, noting that the three million jobs that have been created since they took... [Read more of this review]

(2021) Tribeca Film Festival Spotlights Non-fiction Films.

(Akiit.com) Documentaries were front and center at the 20th annual Tribeca Film Festival. These are just a few of the non-fiction films worth noting. All the Streets Are Silent: The Convergence of Hip Hop and Skateboarding (1987-1997) (**1/2) In the late ‘80s, NYC rappers and skaters cross-pollinated creating a hybrid subculture. Their haven was DJ Yuki Watanabe’s Mars Nightclub on West 13th Street,... [Read more of this review]

The Democrats Blame Republicans for Defunding Police.

(Akiit.com) Most of us recall as children getting into a dispute with another kid and then blaming him for starting a fight. When Mom approached you said, “he hit me first.” The other kid denies it and accuses you of hitting him first. As adults we become more sophisticated when lying. That’s why White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said last week in a briefing that “Some might... [Read more of this review]

Donald J. Trump: Founder And First President Of Covidstan.

(Akiit.com) As Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ profile as a viable GOP presidential front-runner continues to grow, former President Donald Trump is back in the public eye and on an early ‘campaign trail’ of sorts, making public appearances perhaps earlier than he would prefer in order to – I’m guessing – throw his weight around a bit and remind everyone in the party that... [Read more of this review]

Joe Biden Administration Masks Abortion Agenda as ‘Gender Equality’.

(Akiit.com) One of the first actions taken by President Biden upon entering office was to undo all provisions that protect the life of the unborn in the U.S. and abroad. His memo from January 28 stated, “Women should have access to the healthcare they need. For too many women today, both at home and abroad, that is not possible.” It continues, “It is the policy of my Administration to support... [Read more of this review]

Documentary; Summer of Soul (… Or When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised).

(Akiit.com) It was a volatile time. Malcom and Martin had been assassinated in recent years. Civil uprisings and riots had just simmered down. The summer of ’69 was a chance for a much-needed cultural R&R and reawakening. That happened in Harlem’s Mt. Morris Park, when program director Tony Lawrence created the summer-long Harlem Cultural Festival. Three-hundred thousand music lovers attended.... [Read more of this review]

Joe Biden’s Unconstitutional Workplace Indoctrination Scheme.

(Akiit.com) If you’re white and work for the federal government, get ready to be labelled a racist, regardless of how fair and open-minded you are. On Friday, President Joe Biden ordered all federal agencies to ramp up workplace training on “systemic and institutional racism” and “implicit and unconscious bias.” Those are buzzwords for critical race theory, which holds... [Read more of this review]

3 Urgent Steps To Defend Democracy From Cynics And Skeptics.

(Akiit.com) The far-right attack on voting rights is fierce. And the unwillingness of some Senate Democrats to challenge rules that allow a Republican minority to block voting rights bills is making some question whether we can turn back the tide of voter suppression. ?As the Black Voters Matter Freedom Ride Bus Tour makes its way through Southern cities including Nashville, Atlanta, Columbia, Raleigh, and Richmond... [Read more of this review]

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