CNA Correspondent Podcast: What is President Yoon Suk Yeol's plan to deal with the doctors’ walkout in South Korea?

Date: unknown


South Korean voters choose a new National Assembly on Apr 10, with the result of the election widely seen as a referendum on President Yoon Suk Yeol’s first two years in office. On his watch, thousands of junior doctors have walked off the job, leading to major delays at public hospitals.

Arnold Gay speaks to CNA's Lim Yun Suk to find out how the country’s leader is dealing with this crisis. 

A lot of Koreans here are fed up with this strike, but also with the government for not being able to ... bring normalcy back to the operating tables.

Jump to these key moments:

  • 1:23 Why are doctors walking out?
  • 7:21 Is there a shortage of doctors?
  • 9:28 How this plays into the upcoming elections
  • 11:11 Corruption is a political issue