Fridays with Nicole Sandler - emptywheel

Date: 2024-03-29T23:24:43+00:00


Here’s a fantasy scenario:

How cool would it be if, like the Kennedy family dissing RFK Jr by going to the WH en masse to publicly endorse and support Biden, the Romney clan (or a significant cohort of it, both from UT and MN) could be corralled by Mitt to do the same thing, sans Ronna? That would be a much more emphatic move, obviously, because Romneys are all Rs, but there’s a shitload of critical policy and governance issues that might prompt such a move: Ukraine, Trump-endorsed and -committed criminality, the descent of the R party into a cobbled-together smear machine incapable of hardly any legislating capacity, the concomitant descent of their party into a fascistic cult, etc, etc.

If Romney is serious about ridding his party of Trumpism, that would be a very effective way to help achieve it, imo.

But is it a likely one? Nah.