FreeBSD 13.1

Date: 2022-05-17T18:12:00-07:00


FreeBSD 13.1 is now available, notable as it comes in both big-endian and little-endian flavours depending on how you swing (as well as 32-bit ports for Power Macs and the AmigaOne A1222). The biggest change in this version is that 13's shift to the PowerPC ELF ABIv2 makes it binary-incompatible with 12.x (so you may need to rebuild or relink; the release notes also suggest doing

kldxref /boot/kernel

after successful installation or upgrade). However, there are also fixes for the bootloader on the LE port, OpenSSL performance improvements, a serial console fix for the BE port, a fix for running FreeBSD with HPT superpages enabled on QEMU with TCG (if you're trying before you're buying), and — particularly of relevance to those of us on OpenPOWER hardware — a fix for the AST2500 console on bootup with recent OpenBMC firmware. It's a big update but one that makes OpenPOWER an even better citizen on FreeBSD (now if only NetBSD would get with the program, because at this point it's just embarrassing). Read the release notes, or download.