Firefox 121

Date: 2023-12-17T22:56:00-08:00


We're still in the process of finding a place to live at the new job and alternating back and forth to the tune of 400 miles each way. Still, this weekend I updated Firefox on the Talos II to Fx121, which fortunately also builds fine with the WebRTC patch from Fx116 (or


in your


), the PGO-LTO patch from Fx117 and

the .mozconfigs from Firefox 105


Unfortunately I had intended to also sit down with the Blackbird and do a test upgrade to Fedora 39 before doing so on the Talos II, but the Blackbird BMC's persistent storage seems to be hosed, the BMC password is whacked and the clock is permanently stuck in June 2022, causing signature checks on the upgrade to fail (even with --nopgpcheck). This is going to require a little work with a serial console and I just didn't have enough spare cycles over the weekend, so I'll do that over the Christmas holiday when we have a few free days. Hopefully I can also get some more work done on upstreaming the JIT at the same time.