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Date: 2020-11-22T07:46:44.000Z


My partner and I have been separated by Covid for many weeks. I am living in our home, while he has moved out and is looking after his disabled adult daughter. The agreement was that when his daughter went back to her mother, he would return home.

However, the date seems ever-changing. Last week, this week and now next week. This is all down to his high anxiety regarding Covid. First, he delayed coming home because my son, who had recently had the virus, came for the weekend. He then delayed again because my son had met a friend so there could be infection on surfaces in the home for 28 days.

I am now thinking he won’t come home until we’ve all had the vaccine. I am cautious, but try to have some company and joy while mitigating the risks. He, basically, wants me to stop all activities. I have already given up things I would otherwise do due to his anxiety – and he isn’t even here.

He is utterly clear that he will lock himself away for six months if necessary, convinced that if he gets it, he will be ill long-term or die.

He loves me and would rather be here, but only if I agree to a personal lockdown. We cannot find a way forward and this is not doing our relationship any good at all.

I think he is way over the top; he thinks everyone else is negligent and mildly insane.